Knowledge-intensive industries

Putting informed & effective innovation strategies in place


Developing policies to support innovation & collaboration


Increasing the reach and impact of academic institutions

Our mission is to help bridge the gap between academia, industry, and government to create the right environment for the uninhibited transmission of innovation.

About us

Synapse Intelligence is a technology and higher education management consultancy with offices in Moscow, London, and Amsterdam. We provide expert advice and solutions for technology transfer, international collaboration, and investment in knowledge-intensive sectors of the economy.

Innovation management depends on the interaction of different stakeholders – from researchers to policy makers, from university administrators to private and corporate investors. It needs to be supported by informed, insightful analysis. It requires long-term planning, effective project management, and flexibility in implementation. With a network of over 50 experts, we will make sure that regardless of the size of your project, you will have all the professional support you need to succeed.

Our expertise

We specialize in analysis, relationship management, and consulting services for universities, government organisations, and knowledge-intensive businesses. At a time when innovation is seen as the key to economic growth, we provide the expertise and access to help our clients make the most of their potential in research and technology transfer.


In a knowledge-intensive economy, knowledge really is power. Our team of experts will provide you with market analysis in higher education and specific technology areas, carry out due diligence for venture capitalists and other investors in high tech, and help you make sense of past and present developments in your area of work across the globe.


When it comes to innovation, it’s easy to lose the trees for the forest. A technology ecosystem is not something that appears as if by magic, it is a collection of specific elements – talented staff or students, business incubators, tech transfer offices, investor networks to name a few – which combine to create the right environment for innovation. Our expertise in project management and implementation will help put these elements in place, integrate them into the larger whole, and ultimately save you time and money by avoiding costly mistakes and dead-end projects.

Relationship management

Cross-border collaboration is difficult, and yet the global economy demands it. Our international team will help you find the best partners for your projects (whether in higher education, cutting-edge research, or high tech industry), establish and maintain long-lasting contacts, and develop mutual trust and a spirit of true partnership in which both sides benefit from their cooperation.

Our focus


We provide novel, informed, and effective innovation strategies for corporate customers in high technology manufacturing and knowledge-intensive services.

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We work with government departments and development institutions on all levels to formulate and implement policies that balance the regulation and support of knowledge-intensive industries.

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We help universities and research institutions to succeed in the global economy without compromising on the quality of teaching and research.

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At the core of our company is a team of analysts and consultants with know-how in knowledge-intensive industries, higher education, and venture investments. We have a network of over 50 experts from 9 European countries. In all, we have over 30 years of experience in innovation, scientific research, and venture capital.

Our partners include technology transfer offices of leading European universities, successful technology consultants in Europe and the US, development institutions from several countries. Together, the team at Synapse Intelligence can provide you with all the expertise your projects need to succeed.

Our clients

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